Fighting the Rust

“Fighting the Rust” is Silver Trees’ second studio EP, released August 26th, 2014.  Just 9 months after the band’s debut effort, Fighting the Rust is a 5-song follow up that digs deeper into both ends of the band’s sonic repertoire with new heights like the triumphant electric moments in “Lighthouse”, pop-leaning production in “House & Home”, and the energy of “Black & White”, while at the same time pulling back and opening space for the band’s reoccurring use of vocal soundscapes, most notably in the hauntingly stripped-down “Away From You”.  An album that embraces contrasts in both lyrical themes & music, Fighting the Rust tells an image-heavy story of dusk to dawn, heartbreak to recovery, and focuses on the constants of the human experience across the timeline that makes any part of it beautiful and worth traveling.


Close Your Eyes

“Close Your Eyes” is a stand-alone single released by Silver Trees February 5th, 2014. This folk-leaning song wrapped in indie production tells a lyrical love story that’s becoming quickly & endearingly known as “the Wedding Song”.


Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts” is Silver Trees’ debut studio release, recorded after the band’s creation in 2013 and released in November of the same year. As the launching pad of the band’s melodic, harmony layered indie-folk sound & first successes, the Paper Hearts EP caused a stir, particularly in the online music community, inspiring a foundation of supporters and positive critic reactions such as these:

- “Best Introductory EP” – ATCALL

- “A breath of fresh air” – MouserTime

“As a band, Silver Trees has the singer/songwriter feel of Joshua Radin and John Mayer, the musical resonance of The Lumeers, and lyrics that you might find in wedding vows or the pivotal romantic scene of a television show.” – INTERMU ATL

- “…Pure acoustic freshness and vocal smoothness…” – Indie Folk Pop